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In an attempt to help injured rail workers, the law firm of Steel, Moss & Ebert has developed this web site as a one-stop source for information. The information here is available for you to read and also download to your computer. As you browse the site, please look for forms that are contained within the site and read the frequently asked questions.  Hopefully you will find whatever information you need to learn about a personal injury or harassment cases involving railroad workers. If for any reason you cannot find the answer to your particular question, feel free to complete the box on this page, and we will gladly respond.

Our attorneys at Steel, Moss & Ebert have more than 70 years experience representing injured railroad workers and their families.  Our attorneys are known for their demonstrated competence and high ethical standards in handling railroad cases. After years of developing our practice and representing hundreds of railroad workers from every craft and from all over the country, we have learned that our clients and potential clients have many questions relating to a workplace injury, sickness and disability benefits, and their legal rights if they are hurt at work.  It is our pleasure to talk with you about your concerns and answer questions you may have.

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The unique dangers faced by rail employees led to the creation of the Federal Employers’ Liability Act (FELA) of 1907. This federal law governs rights for injured railway employees, rather than state law. FELA carries a unique requirement that the injured worker demonstrate that employer negligence caused their injuries.

Successfully proving negligence under this specialized federal law and regulations governing railway standards requires experience and understanding of the unique legal standards governing rail safety. The partners at Steel, Moss & Ebert are experienced railroad attorneys who have been serving rail workers for decades.

Our railroad injury lawyers are intimately familiar with the regulations, legal precedents, and technical issues involved in successfully litigating railroad related accidents, and have handled hundreds of these cases in their careers.

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